Five Agrotecnio researchers, among the top 5,000 in Spain

juny 13, 2022 | 0 comments

The Agrotecnio and University of Lleida researchers Olga Martín, principal investigator of the Novel Technologies for Food Processing group; Roxana Savin, from the Crop Physiology group; Gemma Oms, from the Novel Technologies for Food Processing group; Romi Pena, from the Animal Breeding group; and Carmina Nogareda, from the Animal Nutrition and Environment group; are among the 5,000 most outstanding investigators in Spain according to a ranking published by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

This ranking lists the names of national and foreign female researchers working in Spanish organisations as of June 2022. The ranking was based on the indicators of their public personal profiles in the Google Scholar database, a search engine specialised in scientific content and bibliography.

Specifically, the positions in the ranking and the number of citations obtained by the Agrotecnio-Universitat de Lleida researchers are as follows:

  • Olga Martín: Position 26, citations 28884
  • Roxana Savin: Position 711, citations 5838
  • Gemma Oms: Position 1670, citations 4271
  • Romi Pena: Position 3332, citations 1950
  • Carmina Nogareda: Position 3992, citations 1718

See the complete ranking: