Crop Protection

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

34 973 702851


• To increase technical and economic efficiency of pest management systems
• To reduce environmental impacts of insects pest, weed, and virus management practices

Research Lines

• Integrated Pest Manament
• Ecology and Control f Insect Pests
• Ecology and Control of Weeds
• Epidemiology and control of cereal viruses

Main activities

• Evaluation of biological control agents in the laboratory and the field
• Analysis of factors affecting insect development
• Identification of semiochemicals affecting insect behaviour for insect pest control and monitoring
• Movement of predators in the agricultural landscape
• Risk assessment of invasive weeds
• Management of herbicide-resistant weeds
• Epidemiology of cereal viruses
• Host-virus & vector-virus interactions
• Measurement of impacts of GM crops on non-target organisms

International Impact

Europe leading position in field trials for environmental risk assessment of GM crops in Europe, World leading position in the evaluation of risks of using omnivorous predators in biological control of insect pests.

PHD students

Alfredo Manicardi
Germán Mora Marín
Noemí Codina Pascual
Roberto Meseguer Rosagro
Diego Barranco Elena