Bàrbara Baraibar


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Office: ETSEA 5B building, second floor

+34 973 702913



Beatriu de Pinós post-doctoral researcher


I am interested in reducing the dependence on herbicides to manage weeds and also in managing weeds in organic systems.  My research focuses on weed ecology to understand how we can manage the crops and the soil to decrease weed – crop competition. My areas of expertise include weed seed predation and cover cropping for weed management. My current research focuses on (1) understanding how crop – weed interactions are affected by soil, fertilization and the soil microbiome, (2) how to manage weeds in organic soybean production and (3) how intercropping (cereal – legume) in organic systems affects weed pressure. I do all my research in close collaboration with farmers and strive for bridging research and real world production.

Recasens J, Juarez-Escario A, Baraibar B, Sole-Senan XO (2020). The arable flora of Mediterranean agricultural systems in the Iberian Peninsula: current status, threats and perspectives. C. Hurford et al. (eds.). En: The Changing Status of Arable Habitats in Europe Springer Nature Switzerland AG. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-59875-4_7

Gerowitt B, Baraibar B. Advances in managing arable weed propagules. In advances in Integrated weed management. Ed. Per Kudsk. Burleigh Dodds, Science Publishing.