Publications since 2013

Principal Investigator

Carlos Cantero-Martínez

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

34 973 702851


  • Increase technical, environmental and economic efficiency of cropping systems
  • Increase productivity of the agricultural cropping systems
  • Reduce environmental effects of agricultural practices

Research Lines

  • Optimizing and developing new sustainable cropping technology
  • Improving of soil and natural resources
  • Maintaining biodiversity and productivity in the agro-ecosystem

Main activities

  • Assessment of climate variability and climate change on crops.
  • Evaluation of Soil and water conservation possibilities on agricultural systems
  • Effects of Land use changes in soil erosion and biodiversity.
  • Optimization of cropping technology: Conservation agriculture, N fertilization management.
  • Analyzing C and N dynamics in the soil-crop-atmosphere systems.
  • Measuring the effect of agricultural practices on GHG emissions and the potential for global warming mitigation.
  • Productivity and stocking rate of grassland systems.
  • Strategies for biodiversity conservation in agricultural systems.

International Impact

Contribution to the development of conservation agriculture in Mediterranean systems. International leadership in the evaluation of agricultural practices (especially the fertilization and soil management) from the point of view of quantification of GHG contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change.

PHD students

Jesús Fernández
Gonçalo Nascimento