Bovine Reproduction


Publications since 2013

Principal Investigator

Irina Garcia-Ispierto

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

+34 973 702851


  • Identification of the factors affecting cow fertility.

Research Lines

  •  Identification of factors affecting fertility of cows
  • Disease and disorders: Neosporosis, Q fever, Pregnancy losses, Postpartum diseases
  • Synchronization protocols

Main activities

  • Measurement of impacts of environmental, management and infectious factors on reproductive performance
  • Analysing repercussion of C.burnetii in cows
  • Creation of a gold standard synchronization protocol
  • Therapeutical treatment of twin pregnancies
  • Treatment and prevention of sublinical endometritis
  • Improvement of weekly reproductive visits in dairy cows

International impact

Recognized world leading position in two results: Insemination with Limousin semen decreases abortion rate in Neospora caninum infected cows and twin reduction in dairy cows (recognized world leading position).


PHD students

Jonathan Valls Pelegrin
Mònica Llobera Balcells
Roger Palacin Chauri