Applied Plant Biotechnology

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

+34 973 702831


• Humanitarian aspects of plant biotechnology (technology transfer and training for developing countries)
• Policy and regulatory aspects of plant biotechnology
• Functions of viral proteins

Research Lines

• Metabolic pathway engineering
• Molecular Pharming
• Novel agronomic traits
• Developing country biotechnology applications
• Plant-virus-vector interactions

Main activities

• Creation of transgenic cereal crops with complex nutritional and value added traits
• Production of recombinant pharmaceuticals in rice and maize
• Training and technology transfer
• Multi-trait crops and their performance under field settings
• Electron microscopy and proteomics of plant viral infections
• Use of beneficial microorganisms in agriculture (PGPR and mycorrhizae)

International Impact

World leading position in multi-gene engineering of major cereal crops. World leading position in the creation of multi-component microbicides for infectious diseases. Influential position papers, white papers and policy papers on the regulation and socio-political impact of transgenic crops.


M. Victoria Armario-Nájera
Edinson Yara Wilmar Osorio

PHD students

Johanna Oviedo
Angelica Guarnizo
Alberto Millán
Fernando Oliveros
Derry Álvarez de Jesús
Xin Huang
Wenshu He
Guillermo Sobrino
Pedro Cerdá


Victor Hugo Jiménez
Andrea Saba
Carme Guerris
Guillem Moreto-Aragones