Plant Phenomics


Publications since 2013

Principal Investigator

Jose Luís Araus

Av. Diagonal, 643

08028 (Barcelona)Spain

+34 93 402 14 69


  • Understand how cereal crops respond to a wide range of growth conditions in the field as well as under control conditions
  • Our purpose is to contribute to crop improvement by providing selection criteria for breeding programs

Research Lines

  • Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology
  • Stable Isotopes
  • Field Spectoscropy
  • UAV Remote Sensing
  • Phytoremediation
  • Paleorecpnstruction
  • Trait-Based Crop Phenotyping

Main activities

  • Investigate the adaptation mechanisms of the plants, their genotypic variability and how these mechanisms are acting in different organs
  • The establishment of empirical relationships between plant biochemical and physical properties and optical characteristics but these are still scarce
  • Focusing on biochemical and anatomical characterisation of plant tissues derived from their spectral signature in field conditions
  • Plant breeding and more specifically high throughput plant phenotyping (HTPP), with phenotyping basically being the same as identifying plant functional traits as related to improving crop yield and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Automatic ear-counting algorithm is proposed to estimate ear density under field conditions based on zenithal color digital images taken from above the crop in natural light conditions.


Shawn Carlisle Kefauver
Thomas Vatter

PHD students

Joel Segarra
Fatima Z. Ressouk
Melissa Chang Espino
Ayesha Rukhsar
Jara Jauregui