Applied Mycology


Publications since 2013

Principal Investigator

Vicent Sanchis

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

+34 973-702535


  • Prevent the mycotoxin accumulation in foods and feeds through the food chain
  • Reduce the public’s exposure to mycotoxins

Research Lines

  •  Mould ecophysiology- Predictive Mycology for food/feed safety
  • Fate of mycotoxins during food processing
  • Mycotoxin Exposure Assessment –biomonitoring
  • Molecular tools applied to mycotoxigenic fungal species

Main activities

  • Isolation and characterization of moulds from foods and feeds
  • Determination of mycotoxins and metabolites
  • Analysis of gene expression and phylogenetic studies
  • Studies to assess the effect of food processing on mycotoxins
  • Exposure assessment studies
  • In vitro bioaccessibility studies

International Impact

World leading position in mycotoxin prevention strategies in foods and feeds based on manipulation of environmental storage/field conditions for the most relevant mycotoxin-producing fungi, Europe leading position in predictive mycology applied to mycotoxins.


Xenia Pascari

PHD students

Insaf Riahi
Bernat Borràs
Antoni Femenias