Novel Technologies for Food Processing

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

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  • Development of safe food products with increased quality and functionality
  • Increase of competitiveness of the fruits and vegetables industry by obtaining high-value by products with less environmental impact by minimizing wastes
  • Optimization of processing conditions for extended shelf life

Research Lines

  • Food safety, quality and functionality through non-thermal processing, with a focus on fruits and vegetables.
  • Edible films and coatings; nano-emulsions and nano-coatings.
  • By-products characterisation and valorisation from fruits and vegetables processing.

Main activities

  • Small-scale food processing studies
  • Evaluation of microbiological, enzymatic, physical, chemical and sensorial properties as well as health-related compounds
  • Definition of the best conditions for obtaining products with specific characteristics
  • Food shelf life determination through modelling of relevant phenomena
  • Transference of results to the food industry

International Impact

Pioneering the study and development of nonthermal food processing technologies in Europe. Internationally-recognized expertise regarding the development of strategies for the preservation of minimally processed plant-based products.


Anna Molet-Rodríguez

Saqib Gulzar

Joan Oñate Narciso

PHD candidates

Júlia Teixé-Roig

Ana Álvarez-Vaz

Mohsen Ramenzani

Anali Parsi

Alina Manthei

Harold A. Pájaro Escogar

Alba Díaz-Núñez