Animal Nutrition and Environment


Publications since 2013

Principal Investigator

Joaquim Balcells

191, Rovira Roure Avenue

25198 (Lleida) – Spain

+34 973 706498


  • Study the impact of animal production in the context of climate change and propose mitigation measures.

Research Lines

  • Use of local products for animal feeding
  • Studying the impact of heat stress on metabolism in monogastrics
  • Influence of feed on immune status in ruminants
  • Use of additives to mitigate the impact of livestock excrement
  • Proposals for differential management at an early age to promote resilience and robustness in ruminants.

Main activities

They are articulated through competencies based on the study of:

  • Use of Next Generation Sequencing to study the digestive microbiota
  • Use of gene expression to study immunity
  • Handling of isotopic markers to study metabolism
  • Analysis of greenhouse gases

International Impact

  • Recognized international experience in the impact of livestock farming on the production of pollutant gases.
  • Participation in European projects (Feed-a-gene) and collaborations with groups of international prestige (INRAe).


Laura Sarri Espinosa

PHD students

Esperanza Fuertes Gimeno