Ramon Canela

Research group

Applied Plant Biotechnology

+34 973 702843



Full Professor, University of Lleida


I study the application of green approaches in the framework of the so called Bioeconomy to prepare commercial compounds from biomass. These approaches are based on the use of enzymes and microbial cells as biocatalysts, intensive processes and eco-extractive techniques. The starting materials are non-edible fats and waste lignocellulosic materials. The target compounds are those used as aroma and antioxidants in the cosmetic and food industries, and those used as phase change materials (PCM) and as polymer additives. Besides this, I have a deep expertise in organic chemical analysis. I use NMR, GC-MS/MS, HPLC-MS/MS, FT-IR and Raman to characterise the starting materials and the final products. These techniques are also used for metabolomics studies focused in agricultural products.