Ana M. Pelacho

Research group

Applied Plant Biotechnology

+34 973 702551

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Applied Plant Biotechnology
Professor, University of Lleida
Coordinator. Agricultural and Food Science and Technology PhD Programme, UdL
External Expert. Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education. Evaluation and assessment of Bachelor and Master Study programmes.
External expert. Madrid+d Madrimasd Knowledge Foundation. Evaluation and assessment of Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes


My expertise is plant tissue culture. I use plant tissue culture as a tool in relationship with the genetic modification of plants and to study the effects of changing environments in plant development, specifically on cultivated plants. Part of my present research is related with genetic engineering of plants, using our previous experience to advance knowledge in synthetic biology. Another research area analyses and anticipates potential environmental and ecotoxicological impacts that may cause the substitution of agricultural conventional plastics, non-renewable and non-biodegradable, by new biobased biodegradable materials. Both areas share the final aim of sustainably improving plant efficiency as food without compromising the resources and the environment.