Mª Concepción Ramos

+34 973 7020929



Full Professor of Soil Science, UdL


The main research areas focus on: Soil degradation by erosion and the establish of soil conservation measures in Mediterranean crops, such as vines, olives tres, almonds or hazelnuts cultivated under rainfed conditions. The establishment of soil conservation measures is needed in order to reduce soil erosion processes and to maintain the sustainability of the systems. Effects of climate variability and climate change on crops. Under the predicted changes in temperature and precipitation, changes in phenology, product quality and yields are expected. All these aspects are evaluated based on the observed results during last decades.
Evaluation of environmental conditions that affect greenhouse gas emissions in arid and semiarid climate areas due to agricultural activities. The effect of soil characteristics that may affect those emissions as well as the climate conditions are evaluated in order to stablish the best management practices that contribute to mitigate the emissions.