Joel Torra Farrè

+34 973 702318


Ramon y Cajal Agrotecnio 2018- Start 2020
Researcher at the University of Lleida
Responsible for Herbicide Development in Spain in Syngenta Agro from July 2006 to May 2007


Research areas:
-Weed Science
-Integrated Weed Management
-Weed emergence modelling
-Oilseed species/crops

I am interested in weed ecology in general. I worked on Galium species and Bromus diandrus biology. I contributed to the characterization of weed diversity in dryland cereals, to understand the effects of management on plant diversity. I am also involved in understanding the role of seed predation by harvester ants on weed populations dynamics. I study the management of herbicide resistant Papaver rhoeas in cereals and 2,4-D resistance.