José Maria Montull


Publications since 2013

Research group

Crop Protection

Office: ETSEA 5B building, second floor

+34 680546328


Post-Doctoral Researcher,  University of Lleida
Chairman of the Comitee of Preventing Herbicide Resistance of the Spanish Weed Science Society


I am focused in the optimisation of weed control practices and in the management and prevention of  herbicide resistant cases. I study the interactions between weed species/control method/environmental conditions in order to develop DSS’s  to facilitate farmer and advisors work.

In addition, these interactions  facilitate developing new tools to improve Precision Agriculture practices for weed control. The management and prevention of herbicide resistant cases studies are linked with the interactions above mentioned because weed management must be reasoned from a global perspective.

The general aim is to improve the efficiency of weed management practices  to ensure the sustainability of  the farming systems.