Physiology for Breeding Cereal Yield and Quality (FiRCMe)


FiRCMe ( is a network aimed to link Spanish research groups with international recognition in physiology and genetics/breeding of cereals in order to achieve synergies. This collaboration will allow to understand the main determinants of yield (both potential and under adverse conditions) and quality (both functional and nutritional), contributing to their genetic improvement. To fulfil this motivation, the Network will establish actions to promote communication, research, and the internationalization of the research groups. These groups have extensive experience and proven expertise in different aspects of physiology and genetics/breeding of yield and quality of cereals which will be complemented and favoured by interactions that will be generated with the Network opening room for more multidisciplinary views of issues mostly tackled from within each field of knowledge. This multidisciplinary will allow, within the framework of joint activities programmed, (i) identifying methodological approaches adding value to the research activities of each group, so it is expected that a product of the activity of the Network is the incorporation of new methodologies in investigations of each group; (ii) standardizing physiological and / or genetic determinations, maximizing the value of research in the context of the projects of each group; (Iii) interpreting and applying the results in a more complex (and realistic) framework than that of the specific field and (iv) preparing joint projects of higher relevance. The Network will organize workshops and seminars, will generate and update a Web page and will stimulate the preparation of joint articles and promote Research Stays of members of a group in the laboratories of other groups. The expected impact of science and technology is critical because the lack of sufficient genetic progress in yield and quality of cereals is a genuine and universal concern.


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març 15, 2021

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