Innovative technologies for diagnosis, prevention and elimination of emerging pollutants (antibiotics) from the waters of the POCTEFA territory (OUTBIOTICS)

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POCTEFA 2014-2020 is the acronym for the INTERREG V-A Spain-France-Andorra Programme, a European territorial cooperation programme to promote the sustainable development of the border territory between the three countries.

POCTEFA 2014-2020 is the fifth generation of Community financial support aimed at strengthening the economic and social integration of this area. POCTEFA co-finances cross-border cooperation projects designed and managed by actors on both sides of the Pyrenees, preserving the intelligent, sustainable and inclusive development of the territory.

OUTBIOTICS is a project of the European territorial cooperation programme POCTEFA 2014-2020. The overall objective of OUTBIOTICS is to eliminate or significantly reduce antibiotics in the waters of the POCTEFA territory by developing innovative technologies based on inert nano- and micro-materials that prevent and correct their emission into the environment.


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desembre 2, 2021

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