Agrotecnio joins the “Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya”

març 21, 2019 | 0 comments

As informs the UdL website:”The Agrotecnio Research Center joins the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya(PRC), which brings together the scientific production of all Catalan universities – both public and private – and 8 centers CERCA. The purpose of this platform is to give visibility to the potential of the system as a whole in the face of the international scientific community, companies, financing organizations and the general public. To make this incorporation effective, UdL has today signed an agreement with the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC) on the treatment of the data of the researchers of Agrotecnio in the PRC.

The ceremony was attended by the rector of the UdL, Roberto Fernández; the general director of CSUC, Miquel Puig; the director of Agrotecnio, Ignacio Romagosa; CSUC Open Science director, Lluís Anglada, and the head of the UdL’s Library and Documentation, Loli Manciñeiras. Both the rector and Romagosa have expressed their confidence that the Generalitat will soon award a direct budget item to this center of excellence. “That Agrotecnio, which is always among the 15 best SEARCH centers, does not have financing is an anomaly of the system and its resilience has enormous merit,” said Roberto Fernández. The rector added that “I hope that it will be resolved soon.”

Agrotecnio brings together 15 research groups in agri-food and environmental fields, with 84 researchers. Since 2013, 53 research projects, 95 doctoral theses and 1,059 scientific publications have been developed. Together with this center of the UdL, the Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia (IBEC) is also incorporated into the Research Portal of Catalonia. The director of Agrotecnio-UdL announced that in two weeks they will sign an agreement with the CTFC, also linked to the University of Lleida, to develop joint projects and hopes to do the same with IRBLleida , participated by the UdL and the ICS.

In the “Portal de la Recerca” – promoted by the Secretary of Universities and Research of the Generalitat – you can find articles, books (whole or chapters), doctoral dissertations and research projects of more than 11,800 researchers and 1,552 groups . The PRC is based on the premise of taking advantage of the work done by universities and research centers in their management systems. In the long term, the objective is also to simplify these management processes and support those of evaluation.”