Monthly Archives: November 2020


Butterfly monitoring schemes could be used for detecting the impacts of agriculture on biodiversity

Butterfly monitoring networks, such as the Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (CBMS) initiative, could be used to assess the impacts of intensive agriculture and transgenic crops on biodiversity. This is what researchers of the University of Lleida (UdL) and Agrotecnio research center affirm after developing a model that could detect population declines of these insects between 10% [...]

European Researchers’ Night 2020

At Agrotecnio we will participate together with the University of Lleida (UdL) in the #EuropeanResearchersNight, a scientific dissemination event in which we will bring research closer to the general public. Specifically, two Agrotecnio-UdL research groups will be conducting their workshops. On the one hand, the Animal Breeding research group will be holding the seminar 'Genome of good ham' [...]

Weed science open seminars

To commemorate the International Year of Plant Health, within the Weed Science subject of the Master's Degree in Integrated Crop Protection of the University of Lleida, online seminars have been organized with national and international experts in Weed Science. The master's degree is coordinated by Xavier Pons, professor at the UdL and Agrotecnio researcher, and [...]

Agrotecnio submits two research projects to the PANDÈMIES 2020 funding call

The Fundació Centre de Recerca en Agrotecnologia - Agrotecnio has submitted two research projects to the Generalitat of Catalonia's funding call "Replegar-se per créixer: l'impacte de les pandèmies en un món sense fronteres visibles" (PANDÈMIES 2020). Specifically, this call for proposals is managed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge, the Agency for Management of University and [...]