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La UdL, líder en Agricultura i quarta en Veterinària segons el Ranking CYD 2021

Els grups de recerca d'Agrotecnio, representats en la primera posició que la UdL n'obté en Agricultura La Universitat de Lleida (UdL) és la 16a entre 77 de tot l'Estat espanyol -48 públiques i 29 privades- pel que fa a indicadors de major rendiment relatiu, segons el Ranking CYD 2021 que elabora la Fundación CYD (Conocimiento y Desarrollo). [...]

Agrotecnio brings together 11 of the world’s leading researchers, according to a Stanford University study

The Fundació Centre de Recerca en Agrotecnologia-Agrotecnio brings together 11 of the world's leading researchers in their disciplines, according to the study 'Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators' conducted by researchers from Stanford University, technicians from Elsevier and the SciTech Strategies company that has been published in Plos Biology. The study recognises the excellence of the work carried [...]

Butterfly monitoring schemes could be used for detecting the impacts of agriculture on biodiversity

Butterfly monitoring networks, such as the Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (CBMS) initiative, could be used to assess the impacts of intensive agriculture and transgenic crops on biodiversity. This is what researchers of the University of Lleida (UdL) and Agrotecnio research center affirm after developing a model that could detect population declines of these insects between 10% [...]

Open Call Pre-Doctoral Contract

The AgroICT & Precision Agriculture group is looking for a Predoctoral Contract Associated to the PagFRUIT project: Open Call from October 17th to 7th November 2019. More information HERE

Garvin A, Augusto PED, Ibarz R, Ibarz A. 2019. Kinetic and thermodynamic compensation study of the hydration of faba beans (Vicia faba L.). Food Research International 119, 390-397

Novel Technologies for Food Processing

Maresma A, Lloveras J, Martinez-Casasnovas JA. 2018. Use of Multispectral Airborne Images to Improve In-Season Nitrogen Management, Predict Grain Yield and Estimate Economic Return of Maize in Irrigated High Yielding Environments. Remote Sensing 10.

Crop Physiology and AGROICT

Huang H, Burghardt M, Schuster AC, Leide J, Lara I, Riederer M. 2017. Chemical Composition and Water Permeability of Fruit and Leaf Cuticles of Olea europaea L. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 65, 8790-8797.

Porstharvest Microbiology

Ignacio Romagosa Agrotecnio new Director

Ignacio Romagosa from the Crop Physiology group has been named as Agrotecnio director by the Board of Trustees of the Center. Romagosa will replace the researchers Ramon Albajes, Gustavo Slafer and Vicent Sanchis who were a Interim Committe. From Agrotecnio we want to thank them for their contribution in the development of the Center. His [...]

Vidal A, Bendicho J, Sanchis V, Ramos AJ, Marín S. 2016. Stability and kinetics of leaching of deoxynivalenol, deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside and ochratoxin A during boiling of wheat spaghettis. Food Research International

Applied Mycology