Weed science open seminars

Nov 17, 2020 | 0 comments

To commemorate the International Year of Plant Health, within the Weed Science subject of the Master’s Degree in Integrated Crop Protection of the University of Lleida, online seminars have been organized with national and international experts in Weed Science.

The master’s degree is coordinated by Xavier Pons, professor at the UdL and Agrotecnio researcher, and the Weed Science subject is coordinated by Jordi Recasens, professor at the UdL and also an Agrotecnio researcher.

To enter the sessions, which are detailed below, it is only necessary to enter the corresponding link:

-Demographic processes in biological invasions
Dr. Mohsen Mesgaran. University of California – Davis. USA
18th, November 2020. 5 pm.


-Explotaition of sex for weed management
Dr. Mohsen Mesgaran. University of California – Davis. USA
19th, November, 2020. 5 pm.


-Evolutionary and demographic factors of Amaranthus palmeris in US agricultural systems
Dr. Ramon León. University of North Carolina. USA
25th, November, 2020. 5 pm.


-Physiology of herbicide action and herbicide resistance
Dra. Ana Zabalza. Public University of Navarre
26th, November, 2020. 3 pm.


-Integrated Weed Management. The point of view of the phytosanitary manufacturing industry
Mr. Ignacio González. Corteva Agriscience
26, November, 2020. 5 pm.


The seminars of Dr. Mohsen Mesgaran and Dr. Ramón León are financed by the Vice-Rector of International Relations of the University of Lleida.

The seminar by Mr. Ignacio González is part of the activities of the Corteva Chair of Malherbology at the University of Lleida.