The applied mycology group organises a conference to manage the risk of mycotoxin contamination in wheat through hyperspectral imaging

Jan 31, 2024

On Thursday 25 January, the Applied Mycology research group of Agrotecnio and the Applied Mycology Unit of the UdL organised the demonstration day “Application of hyperspectral image analysis to deoxynivalenol risk management in wheat”. Ten companies from the cereals and cereal-based products sector participated in the session, which is part of the project of the same name “proof of concept” of the Spanish State Programme to Promote Scientific and Technical Research and its Transfer, funded by the European Union.

Deoxynivalenol is a fungal toxin or mycotoxin that contaminates cereals and other cereal-based foods, such as flour or animal feed, and can cause intoxication. This mycotoxin can be generated in the cultivation of cereals or during harvesting, transport, storage and drying. The applied mycology group works with hyperspectral images to detect those cereals that are contaminated.

During the session, two theoretical presentations were given on the valorisation of HSI-NIR technology for the sustainable mitigation of mycotoxins in cereals, by Sònia Marín Sillué; and on mycotoxin sampling, by Antonio J. Ramos Girona. Finally, a demonstration of the HSI-NIR equipment used by the UdL and Agrotecnio was carried out with wheat samples.

“Proof-of-concept” projects are intended to fund projects that accelerate the transfer of knowledge and results of research projects, either in progress or recently completed.

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