Jordi Graell

Research group

Postharvest Biology and Technology

+34 973 702 816

ETSEA director, 2018-


Professor, University of Lleida, Spain
Deputy Director for dissemination and transfer, School of Agrifood and Forestry Science and Engineering, University of Lleida, Spain


I have focused my research activity on technology applied to storage of fresh fruit (especially apples, pears, peach, plum, etc.). The main aim of research is to improve fruit quality by optimization of the storage technologies and other postharvest treatments. Specifically I have studied the influence of Controlled Atmospheres (CA) on the quality parameters (texture, aroma, skin colour, etc.) and physiological disorders
(skin scald, flesh browning, chilling injury, etc.) of fruit. Moreover I have paid special attention to assessing the suitability of different postharvest treatments (CA, heat and CO2 shocks, 1-Methylciclopropene, CaCl2, etc.) for the preservation of organoleptic and nutritional quality parameters and for the extension of shelf life of fruit.