Jordi Voltas

Office: Main Building A firm 0.12.2

+34 973 702690

+34 973 702690


Ph.D., University of Lleida, 1998
Agronomist, UPC, 1992
Agricultural Engineer, 1989


Research activities in which I am involved in today revolve around the study and ecophysiological characterization of plants under conditions typical of Mediterranean areas. In this context, I am interested in the identification and use of characters in activities of potential interest Selection of agronomic and forest species of interest in the context of breeding programs (the so-called physiological improvement). As a natural extension of this theme, I work in the determination of appropriate frameworks that enable the integration of physiological and environmental information on new statistical models, whose aim should be to enable a more complete characterization of the phenomenon extremely relevant enhancement, known as genotype-environment interaction. However, some of these models are being applied to characterization of the interaction Jan environment using molecular markers. Again referring to the field of plant ecophysiology, I am interested in the applicability of stable isotopes (13C, 18O) in ecology, physiology and improvement of species such as winter cereals, Mediterranean leaved (Quercus sp . Pistacia sp.) and pine (Pinus halepensis). The information derived allows, among others, relate the isotopic signatures climatic parameters such as precipitation, vapor pressure deficit and temperature regime, which, beyond the implicit interest to understand the relationship between plants and the environment, can be used to develop models for paleoclimatic inference. In this context, and with other universities and institutions, I am involved in studies of climatic reconstruction using the information present in plant fossils found in archaeological sites. These studies are being carried out in the Iberian Peninsula and the Fertile Crescent (Syria, Turkey) with the object of finding out agricultural and environmental conditions specific to the birth of agriculture in the West.

Professional Experience


University Professor, UDL

2000 – 2010

Associate Professor, University of Lleida

1996 – 2000

Professor of University College, University of Lleida