Cristina Chocarro

+34 973 702891


Associate Professor, University of Lleida


My current work is focused on the study of forage resources in natural communities as well as in cropping systems. The responses of these resources to environmental and management factors are evaluated. In this way, huge efforts has been carried out in alfalfa and sainfoin crops, their agronomic evaluation in contrasted conditions paying special attention on seed production and yields components, as well as the assessment of the effects of allelopathic and autotoxicity on other legumes and grass species. In relation with natural communities, mainly in mountain pastures and grassland, I have also been working in the identification of the ecological factors related with their dynamic growth, evaluated through its floristic composition and diversity, production and forage quality in response to different changes in land use and grazing management. Most of these mountain communities are included in the Natura 2000 network. This topic is very interesting in relation with conservation and restoration activities and proposaly