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An Agrotecnio researcher takes part in a research that conclude Australia fires show climate change is ahead of schedule

Climate change and drought are behind the great fires that have hit Australia between September 2019 and January 2020, according to a research led by the University of Western Sydney in which the Agrotecnio Center researcher VĂ­ctor Resco de Dios participated. The article, which has just been published in Nature Climate Change, also features experts [...]

Marian Moralejo was interviewed by the Spanish Corn Technicians Association

The researcher Marian Moralejo from the Crop Physiology group was interviewed by the Spanish Corn Technicians Association about the research tasks that support the development of new varieties of barley with functional properties for human and animal consumption. In particular, varieties with a high content of betaglucan and colored barley with antioxidant activity adapted to [...]

II Spanish Symposium on Physiology and Breeding of Cereals

The II Spanish Symposium on Physiology and Cereal Improvement (#SEFiMeC) is organized within the framework of the FiRCMe Network (Physiology of Performance and Quality for the Improvement of Grains), open to the entire Mediterranean scientific community interested in these thematic areas, although the contributions from non-Mediterranean countries will also be welcome. The objective of this [...]

Transgenic rice for a triple microbicide against HIV, a research lead by an Agrotecnio group

TEXT BY THE UdL WEBPAGE "Three proteins incorporated into a single transgenic rice plant are capable of improving the prevention of AIDS virus through its microbicidal action. This is demonstrated by a research led by the Agrotecnio Center of the University of Lleida (UdL), which has just published the international journal Proceedings of the National [...]

The AGROICT group of Agrotecnio radiography farms with satellites to improve crop yield

The Agrotecnio AGROICT research group radiography fields of cultivation with images taken by cameras installed in two satellites of the Sentinel-2 mission of the European Space Agency, which orbit from a height of 786 kilometers, to study their performance and identify areas with problems that impede the development of plants. With this information, and after [...]

The members of the GRAP group participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting

The 8th of november the GRAP group of Agrotecnio members participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting. This meeting is a second edition of news presentation and results in applied research on it development of new ones precision agriculture technologies in fruiting. These new features and results have been made developed jointly in a research [...]


DOSAFRUT system, implemented by the Research Group of Agrotics and Precision Agriculture of Agrotecnio in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture of the Government, can reduce up to 50% using pesticide on fruit without losing the efficacy of the treatment. This is what indicates the results at industrial scale in the last five fruit campaigns. [...]

Workshop on the applications of biotechnology in the food industry

Several Agrotecnio investigators and eighty people took part on Thursday in the School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSEA) of the University of Lleida (UDL) in a workshop on the applications of biotechnology in the food industry. Beyond the controversial of genetically modified crops, this discipline has applications in many other areas, such as farming or industry. [...]