Agrotecnio and the Parc Agrobiotech organise a series of innovation breakfasts to bring research and industry closer together

Apr 9, 2024

Agrotecnio and the Agrobiotech Park of Lleida have launched the “Breakfast4inno”, a cycle of innovation breakfasts designed to bring people from the world of research and industry together, as well as to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology. These breakfasts aim to create a space for sharing knowledge, real experiences and challenges for both companies and research personnel. Breakfast4inno will begin on 10 April and will be held monthly, except in August, at the Agrolivinglab of the city of Lleida.

Knowledge and technology transfer plays a key role in transferring the results of scientific research to society and the economy. It is a complex process in which business and research needs have to be balanced, but it has obvious benefits, such as an improvement in the quality and relevance of research or the implementation of innovative techniques and systems in the company. Breakfast4inno has been created with the intention of breaking down barriers between the academic and business worlds, precisely to encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology through the presentation of inspiring examples.

On Wednesday, 10 April, from 9:30 to 11:00, the first session of the cycle will focus on the production of spirulina, a nutritional supplement made from algae, suitable for both human and animal consumption, on which potential benefits for the microbiota, the set of bacteria that colonise the skin and digestive tract, protecting against pathogens and maintaining the immune system, are being investigated. This first session will include the participation of Joan Solé Guàrdia, founder of Blauver Foods, a company from Almenar dedicated to the production of spirulina, and Josep Ramon Sanahuja, mosso d’esquadra and athlete from Tàrrega, triple winner of the 2023 European Police and Firefighters Championships, who will explain his personal experience in the consumption of this supplement.

Breakfast4inno will continue throughout 2024, addressing new intelligent management techniques in pig farms; the potential of plants created with new genomic techniques; innovative cultivation systems for legumes and grains; the use of by-products; pest management with biological control, without pesticides; alternative crops for dry farming or new trends in truffle production.

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