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We will take profit of the multidisplinary and multiple-focussed research expertise from allresearch groups linked to food science and nutrition and food technology, plus some others involved in research at the field level. The common aim will be the development of novel, safe and valuable food products and food ingredients from grapes. As a result the benefits for the grape/wine sector may include: i) Increasing quality and safety of wines; ii) Diversify grape-derived products, novel products; iii) Overall, giving increased value to grape products. Our key outputs will be novel processes and products that will be transferred to the food sector. Private companies in the grape/wine sector have been contacted for the development of a research plan which appropriately suits their interests and needs. Moreover, applied knowledge will be disseminated through joint publications in high impact scientific journals. This project, together with the other two flagship projects will be used as a conduit to establish the multidisciplinary and multidimensional scientific basis of Agrotecnio, gain name recognition internationally and locally, and establish the centre as a world focus of excellence addressing multiple key elements in the food production chain focusing on sustainability, durability and wealth creation.

Potential outputs and benefits:

a) generate knowledge, suggest guidelines for farmers and governments, and develop technology;

b) reinforce the strength of the Catalan winemaking sector through quality and safety improvement of existing grape products;

c) create value added grape products to broaden the utility of the crop;

d) stimulate the formation of new high value industry ventures;

e) demonstrate in a tangible manner the ability of the centre to address effectively multiple interventions in the food production chain which may evolve as the gold standard for the sector.