Cookies Policy

Definition and function of cookies and invisible pixels

Cookies are data, generally in text files, that web pages place on the devices with which users access the website, with the function of storing information with which websites can improve the browsing experience, because they remember the identifier, the preferences, the actions that have been done previously, etc.

An invisible pixel is a non-visible image with a line of code inserted in our website that allows us to monitor the navigation of users through the website itself or through third-party websites. These elements can be used to carry out measurements and monitoring of use or to obtain aggregated data on the traffic and interaction of the website, in order to offer personalized advertising, identify trends and obtain statistics for the improvement of the website. .

Through cookies and invisible pixels we can collect the following information: various identifiers (unique to cookies, unique to the device, as well as other details, such as type), IP address, domain, browser type, language, country and time zone, cookie information, visited web pages, information about the interaction on the page, access time or URL.

Communication and data transfer

The data obtained through cookies and invisible pixels can also be collected by third parties through the device and / or browser from our website, also with connectors (plug-ins) or with widgets (widgets). The processing of this data will be subject to the privacy and cookie policies of these third parties. You can obtain more information about these cookies in the descriptive table that contains this document. You can also find out who these third parties are by installing a specific browser plugin for this purpose.

Configuration or deactivation of cookies

You can modify the preferences, in order to eliminate certain cookies or prevent them from being saved without your consent, from the cookie settings panel on the Agrotecnio website. You can also disable cookies through the configuration options of each of the browsers and devices you use. To find out how to modify cookies, consult the browser’s help menu.

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To disable Google Analytics cookies, click here.

You should be aware that if you disable or disable cookies, you probably will not have access to many functions that improve the efficiency of the website, and it is possible that some of our services will not function properly.

Type of cookies on the Agrotecnio website

Our website uses the following categories of cookies:

Technical cookies (strictly necessary): are those essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the use of the different options and services it offers.

According to the period of time they remain active:

  • Session cookies: these are a type of cookies designed to request and store data while you access our website that remain in the browser’s cookie file until you leave the page (for example, identification cookies).
  • Persistent cookies: these are a type of cookies in which the data is still stored in the terminal, and can be accessed and processed for a specified period of time.

According to their purpose and the entity that manages them:

  • Third-party cookies: are those that are sent to the computer or terminal from a domain or a web page that is not managed by us but by a collaborating entity. For example, those used by Google, which installs cookies that help us analyze how our website works and improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis and performance cookies: these are those that, treated well by us and by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and make a statistical analysis of the use that users make of our website. For this reason, we analyze the navigation on our website to improve the offer of products or services that we offer. Some examples:

The number of unique visitors to each page / section, which is used to count the times the place, is visited by a user, as well as the first and last time of the visit. This helps you identify the most successful areas and increase and improve your content, resulting in a more satisfying experience and service for your users.

The date and time of access to our websiteallow us to find out the busiest hours, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems at peak times.

The source of traffic, which records the origin of the users, that is, the internet address from which the link that leads to our website starts, with the aim of enhancing the different links and banners that point to our server and that they offe the best results.

Advertising cookies: are those that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, have been included in the website, application or platform from which the services are provided.

Social cookies: are those that interact with external social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and that have the function of controlling the interaction with social widgets within the web.