A series of seminars will address current issues in weed science and plant ecology during the month of November

Nov 8, 2023

A series of seminars on current topics in the field of Biology, Ecology and Weed Control begins today. This is an activity organised by the Weed Science and Plant Ecology research group, part of Agrotecnio’s Crop Protection group, which is carried out in parallel to the teaching activities of the Weed Science subject of the Master’s Degree in Integrated Crop Protection at the University of Lleida. Agrotecnio is also providing financial support for this initiative.

Today, 8 November, the first of the five seminars will take place: Spatial dynamics of weeds. Application to stands (Dinámica espacial de malas hierbas. Aplicación a los rodales), by Dr. Jordi Izquierdo from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Next week two sessions are foreseen: Applications of allelopathy in malherbology (Aplicaciones de la alelopatía en malherbología), by Dr. Nuria Pedrol from the University of Vigo, on the 20th; and Occurrence and main findings of herbicide resistance in South America, by Dr. Aldo Merotto, from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), on the 23rd.

The cycle will end on 29 and 30 November with two last seminars, Why principles of integrated pest management must guide weedy plant management in agroecosystems: a weed ecologist’s perspective, by Dr. Dave Mortensen, professor emeritus of agroecology at the University of New Hampshire (USA); and Localised weed management (Gestión localizada de malas hierbas) by Dr. César Fernández-Quintanilla, from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of the CSIC, in Madrid.

The full programme with times and locations can be downloaded here. The sessions, which will be offered both in person and online, are open to anyone who wishes to participate.