Agrotecnio and GRAP develop a project for 3 years of photon and drone based sensors, at the service of fruit trees management

Jan 14, 2020 | 0 comments

The Research Group on Agrotechnics and Precision Agriculture (GRAP) and the Agrotecnio Center have started a project to improve the management of fruit trees through the latest technologies such as photon based sensors for modeling in three-dimensional (3D) form of the farms from the ground, apart from aerial images of drones or satellites. For the time being, tests are being done on apple, almond and vineyard fields, though the results could be applied on other types of crops.

“It will be a breakthrough to make more accurate the characterization of vegetative growth, the detection of fruits and the modeling of lighting conditions, which influence the physiological response of trees,” emphasizes the PI of the AgroICT & Precision Agriculture group of Agrotecnio , Àlex Escolà, who coordinates the project, in which there are two main researchers: José Antonio Martínez-Casasnovas and Jaume Arnó, also from the AgroICT & Precision Agriculture group.