The members of the GRAP group participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting

Feb 12, 2018 | 0 comments

The 8th of november the GRAP group of Agrotecnio members participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting. This meeting is a second edition of news presentation and results in applied research on it development of new ones precision agriculture technologies in fruiting.

These new features and results have been made developed jointly in a research project (AgVANCE) for part of the Research Group at Precision Agriculture (GRAP) of Agrotecnio and the Group Sustainable Agriculture and Quality Food (ASQUAS) of the University Polytechnic of Catalonia.

The day includes different presentations on the results of the project and a round table in order to discuss the opportunities and the factors What should be considered to enhance the precision fruit Agriculture.

Here you can find a new by the SEGRE of the meeting