Preparation of aldehydes from fruit residues by enzymatic methods for application in tanning (ALDEFRUIT)


Bioeconomy uses renewable resources from different origins to produce food, materials and energy reconciling market demands with innovative and low-emissions processes. Food wastes constitute an important source of raw materials that can be transformed into valuable market products. The aim of this project is to use wastes from the fruit juice industry to obtain products that can be used in the tanning process. The technologies used to reach this goal are based mainly on the use of enzymatic methods but also some chemical ones. Tanning process entails many environmental problems some of which are the focus of this project. This project started on October 2015 and will last until September 2018. It is aligned with H2020 SC5 Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials and includes the participation of two enterprises and our research group.


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marzo 15, 2021

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