Agrotecnio collaborates with docence responsibles to ensure that the masters of the UDL are programmed from the perspective of alignment between teaching and research and high academic standards.

Official master’s degrees are awarded on the completion of postgraduate studies at the UdL. They are designed for teaching and research purposes to high academic standards

These courses will allow students to acquire advanced specialised and/or multidisciplinary training geared to academic or professional specialisation. Such training should also encourage them to conduct their own research projects.

The UdL’s status as a leading university for research of national and international excellence in both the agri-food industry and forestry now offers a wide range of high quality degrees taught by leading experts in their respective fields who belong to universities of international renown.

Agrotecnio collaborates with the following Master Studies:

Master’s Degree in Integrated Pest Management (inter-university master’s degree)
Master’s Degree in Management and Innovation in the Food Industry
Master’s Degree in Plant Breeding
Master’s Degree in Soil and Water Management (inter-university master’s degree)
Master’s Degree in Swine Health and Production (inter-university master’s degree)
Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering