An essential feature of Agrotecnio is the regular advice and assessment from a top-level international Scientific Advisory Board. This committee ensures practices and criteria are implemented in accordance with international standards of excellence in research.


Prof. Angharad Gatehouse – Chair.  Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Internationally renowned crop protection expert. Pioneer in tritrophic interactions (insect pest-host plant-insect parasitoid). Insect biochemistry and molecular biology. Director of Plant Sustainable Resources Center, Univ of Newcastle. Member of UK government’s task force on crop protection.
Angharad Gatehouse
Prof. Gurdev Khush, University of California Davis, United States
World Food Prize Laureate, former head of Agronomy and Breeding at the International Rice Research Institute, The Philippines. Expert on plant breeding, agronomy and agricultural sciences. Contributed towards the Implementation of the Green Revolution in India and S.E Asia through the development of high yielding semi-dwarf varieties of rice and wheat.
Member of numerous advisory committees for the Consultative Group on International Agriculture, FAO, United Nations and National Agricultural programs in 15 different countries in SE Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
Gurdev Khush
Prof. Francisco Tomás-Barberán, CEBAS-CSIC Murcia, Spain
Leader of the Research group on Quality, Safety and Bioactivity of Plant Foods from CEBAS-CSIC and a national and international reference by his scientific contributions in the field of quality food production and his work in nutrition and health. His research has been focused on the field of food polyphenols, their relationship with quality and safety, and their role in nutrition and health. He has been named winner of the XXII DuPont Science Award 2012 in recognition of his outstanding scientific career.
Francisco Tomás Barberán
Dr. Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Plant Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmacy. Plant molecular biology and biochemistry of small molecular weight secondary metabolites with biological activities specifically for the pharmaceutical and agrichemical applications. Director of Cell Factory Division. Member of many EU advisory bodies on plant biotechnology.
Kirsi Marja Oksman Caldentey

Prof. Max F. Rothschild, Iowa State University, United States
Internationally renowned animal geneticist on the identification of genes controlling growth, reproduction and immunogenetics and on new statistical methods to evaluate animals. C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture. Director of the Center for Integrated Animal Genomics. USDA National Pig Genome Coordinator. M.E.Ensminger Endowed International Chair in Animal Agriculture.
Max F.-Rothschild
Prof. Marina Heinonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor of Food Safety (Chemical Food Safety and Functional Foods). Member of the Research Council for Biosciences and Environment, Academy of Finland. Scientific expert since 2004 at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) NDA Panel and its working groups on health claims and novel foods.
Marina Heinonen
Dr. Shela Gorninstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Internationally recognized specialist in food chemistry and nutrition, with special emphasis on the relationship between fruit consumption and prevention of coronary artery disease among other diseases as well as the structural and functional properties of proteins from plants. She is a member of editorial boards of several International Journals, an author of over 340 international articles, which are always the result of international collaborative works, and has presented lectures and seminars in 220 different Institutions, Universities and industries around the world.
Shela Gorninstein