Agrotecnio aims to become a reference in Europe addressing all the key elements of the food production chain in an integrated way focusing on target crops and animals of commercial importance, rather than model systems. This later aspect sets our centre apart from other centers which focus on fundamental science and/or model plant and animal systems. As a result we should be able to address fundamental and important questions in the crop/animal of interest and results from our research will be directly and immediately applicable to our target organism.

Major further aims of the centre should include the recruitment, training and mentoring of the next generation of scientists, public engagement and dissemination within the local community, at Catalan, Spanish and European levels and beyond the EU.

Agrotecnio is committed to using cutting-edge knowledge, technology and tools to achieve its mission. Consequently a critical element of the centre’s operations is a broad range of internal and external collaborations with other world-leading institutions. The centre will integrate research groups representing several fields within the plant, animal and nutrition sciences, which interact productively to launch innovative and integrative projects, a number of which with potential commercial applications in the short to medium term. Further enlargement to bring in additional groups with complementary expertise to expand the initial core group and contribute towards the scientific excellence of the centre will be decided on sound scientific grounds. Accordingly, specific criteria for new groups to join the center will be approved.