Agrotecnio, Centre for Food and Agriculture Research

Agrotecnio is an international center of excellence (CERCA center) that develops frontier research intended to have a major scientific and economic impact and to improve the wellbeing of societies and individuals. The scientific research at Agrotecnio makes use of a wide range of disciplines in the crop, environmental, animal, food and nutrition sciences. Agrotecnio is located in the heart of the 1700-student and 200-teacher School of Agronomics Campus (ETSEA) of the University of Lleida.


The mission of Agrotecnio is to carry out top-level fundamental and strategic scientific research, underpinning translational strategic objectives and to disseminate the outputs to society, including the private sector.

The goals of Agrotecnio are to:

(a) define, integrate and address key challenges in the food and feed production chain in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner by employing multidisciplinary, cutting-edge research;

(b) leverage expertise and resources to make the Unit the Spanish and European reference centre for translational agrifood research;

(c) attract, nurture and develop the next generation of agricultural scientists;

(d) disseminate research outputs to the community; and

(e) maximize funding opportunities by offering state-of-the-art multidisciplinary projects to public funding agencies and private stakeholders.

Scientific Advisory Board
Steering Commitee