Monthly Archives: January 2020


Marian Moralejo was interviewed by the Spanish Corn Technicians Association

The researcher Marian Moralejo from the Crop Physiology group was interviewed by the Spanish Corn Technicians Association about the research tasks that support the development of new varieties of barley with functional properties for human and animal consumption. In particular, varieties with a high content of betaglucan and colored barley with antioxidant activity adapted to [...]

Technical Day : Towards new approaches to improve quality and food safety in strawberries and derived products

Agrotecnio, more concritly the Postharvest Biology and Technology Group, will host a techncial day in Lepe (Huelva), during on the 13th February. The aim of the day is provide dissemination about the main results obtained from the project to sector organizations, associations, research organizations, technology centers and companies in the red fruits sector. The journey [...]

Agrotecnio and GRAP develop a project for 3 years of photon and drone based sensors, at the service of fruit trees management

The Research Group on Agrotechnics and Precision Agriculture (GRAP) and the Agrotecnio Center have started a project to improve the management of fruit trees through the latest technologies such as photon based sensors for modeling in three-dimensional (3D) form of the farms from the ground, apart from aerial images of drones or satellites. For the [...]