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Hadidi M, Ibarz A, Conde J, Pagan J. 2019. Optimisation of steam blanching on enzymatic activity, color and protein degradation of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) to improve some quality characteristics of its edible protein. Food Chemistry 276, 591-598.

Novel Technologies for Food Processing

Maresma A, Ballesta A, Santiveri F, Lloveras J. 2019. Sowing Date Affects Maize Development and Yield in Irrigated Mediterranean Environments. Agriculture-Basel 9.

Crop Physiology

Rodriguez-Gasol N, Avilla J, Alegre S, Alins G. 2019. Sphaerophoria rueppelli adults change their foraging behavior after mating but maintain the same preferences to flower traits. Biocontrol 64, 149-158.

Crop Protection

Uribeetxebarria A, Martinez-Casasnovas JA, Escola A, Rosell-Polo JR, Arno J. 2019. Stratified sampling in fruit orchards using cluster-based ancillary information maps: a comparative analysis to improve yield and quality estimates. Precision Agriculture 20, 179-192.

AGROICT and Precission Agriculture

Yuste S, Ludwig IA, Rubio L, Romero MP, Pedret A, Valls RM, Sola R, Motilva MJ, Macia A. 2019. In vivo biotransformation of (poly)phenols and anthocyanins of red-fleshed apple and identification of intake biomarkers. Journal of Functional Foods 55, 146-155

Food Bioactive Compounds

Fernandez-Gallego JA, Kefauver SC, Vatter T, Gutierrez NA, Nieto-Taladriz MT, Araus JL. 2019. Low-cost assessment of grain yield in durum wheat using RGB images. European Journal of Agronomy 105, 146-156

Crop Monitoring

David CA, Galceran J, Quattrini F, Puy J, Rey-Castro C. 2019. Dissolution and Phosphate-Induced Transformation of ZnO Nanoparticles in Synthetic Saliva Probed by AGNES without Previous Solid-Liquid Separation. Comparison with UF-ICP-MS. Environmental Science & Technology 53, 3823-3831

Environmental Chemistry

Rotureau E, Pla-Vilanova P, Galceran J, Companys E, Pinheiro JP. 2019. Towards improving the electroanalytical speciation analysis of indium. Analytica Chimica Acta 1052, 57-64.

Environmental Chemistry

Fuste NP, Guasch M, Guillen P, Anerillas C, Cemeli T, Pedraza N, Ferrezuelo F, Encinas M, Moralejo M, Gari E. 2019. Barley beta-glucan accelerates wound healing by favoring migration versus proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts. Carbohydrate Polymers 210, 389-398.

Crop Physiology

Shestakova TA, Gutierrez E, Valeriano C, Lapshina E, Voltas J. 2019. Recent loss of sensitivity to summer temperature constrains tree growth synchrony among boreal Eurasian forests. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 268, 318-330.

Forest Management