Monthly Archives: February 2018


A Research Work (TdR) carried out at the DMACS (AGROTECNIO) awarded with the Youth Research Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya 2017

A Research Work arried out at the Department of Environment and Soil Science of the University of Lleida (Treball de Recerca de Batxillerat, TdR) has been awarded with the Youth Research Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya 2017. The research work, entitled "Application of satellite images to precision agriculture”, was carried out by Natalia Badia [...]

Ignacio Romagosa Agrotecnio new Director

Ignacio Romagosa from the Crop Physiology group has been named as Agrotecnio director by the Board of Trustees of the Center. Romagosa will replace the researchers Ramon Albajes, Gustavo Slafer and Vicent Sanchis who were a Interim Committe. From Agrotecnio we want to thank them for their contribution in the development of the Center. His [...]

The members of the GRAP group participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting

The 8th of november the GRAP group of Agrotecnio members participated in the 2nd Precision Agriculture Meeting. This meeting is a second edition of news presentation and results in applied research on it development of new ones precision agriculture technologies in fruiting. These new features and results have been made developed jointly in a research [...]

Agrotecnio researchers demostration in the UDL open doors day

The Agrotecnio researchers did an exhibition of their work in the UDL(Universitat de Lleida) open doors day in order to show the students their laboratory work. Here you can watch how Teresa Capell (Applied Biotechnology group) explains a biotechnology lab work:

European and Mediterranean experts from over 12 countries meet at IAMZ in collaboration with Agrotecnio for advanced course on mycotoxins in cereals for food and feed

IAMZ-CIHEAM in collaboration with Agrotecnio organised an advanced course on prevention and control strategies to minimize contamination from mycotoxins in cereal food and feed chains from 22-26 January 2018 Mycotoxins are major contaminants that can affect both cereals and their by-products and, for this reason the EU has strict legislative limits in place to minimize [...]

The 9th of February the open doors days of ETSEA campus (UDL)

The 9th of February is the day the University of Lleida(ETSEA) open doors to show new students the Campus, during the Campus tour the visitors could watch how Agrotecnio researchers work. Here is the Program